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During a recent discussion surrounding the advancement of robotics in engineering and construction fields, SAEA members engaged in discussion around construction progress documentation, and how it is impacted by robotics.

They reviewed HoloBuilder and Boston Dynamics’ technology, SpotWalk, a first of its kind robotic 360 degree construction progress documentation solution. Released at Autodesk University 2019, the robot can walk a job site and independently capture consistent imagery at the same locations for reliable, efficient project documentation.

Construction sites traditionally are recorded with unstructured data and it takes significant time to record. This new advanced robotics system eliminates the discrepancies in the data and gives valuable time back to the construction experts on site.

SAEA members are eager to engage further with this discourse and identify professional advancement opportunities for members within the robotics fields. It is an area where mechanical, electrical, industrial and other engineering disciplines are involved together making  of general interest to many engineering students.