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The Syrian American Engineers Association recently retained Suzan Ajlouni to maintain and expand communication efforts directed with external communities and partnering organizations, as well as within the SAEA’s membership. Ajlouni comes with tremendous passion, drive and experience within the industry, having been exposed to work in refugee resettlement, human rights and Syrian relief efforts while pursuing her undergraduate degree.

With a B.A. in Human Rights Studies and Political Science, a certificate in Non-profit and Community Leadership and various honors and distinctions, Ajlouni is sure to bring a high level of competency to her SAEA projects. SAEA members remark that her personal Syrian heritage along with her bilingual ability in English and Arabic and acquired multicultural awareness will make her instrumental in fulfilling the organization’s public relations objectives. In her role as PR, Marketing and Membership Coordinator she will work to unite and energize members by keeping them informed as well as reach a wide audience with the organization’s important relief and development efforts.

SAEA’s President said “Suzan’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge has already made her a key addition to the SAEA family. We view her appointment as a sign of our commitment to recovery and rebuilding of Syria until it is recognized as a proud and productive member of the world community. Our expanding number of engineering projects and the need to reach wide audiences with important calls for action led us to look for an addition to our team. It is fortunate that we were able to find someone of Suzan’s caliber and emotional intelligence to fulfill this role. We are confident that Suzan will pay a key role in the organization.”


About SAEA

Syrian American Engineers Association’s primary mission is to organize Syrian engineers, architects, and technical professionals to rebuild, maintain, develop, and advance Syria by employing and implementing global engineering and quality standards for education, certification and construction management in coordination with local and global entities.

We envision a modern Syria with sustainable buildings and infrastructure, recognized as a productive and proud member of the world community.

SAEA’s work involves many project sectors for relief on the ground as well as rebuilding efforts with member expertise in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Information Systems and Technology, and Engineering Education.

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