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SAEA members are passionate about the topics of business ownership and entrepreneurship as many are either currently or are hoping to start their own businesses. SAEA member Eng. Massalkhi is a civil engineer and business owner himself. Just a short 8 years ago he started as a student member in SAEA as he worked to obtain his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering. Having started his career under the supervision of a senior SAEA member and a principal of his own firm, Eng. Massalkhi made valuable and relevant recommendations to the membership regarding advice for starting their own ventures.

During his presentation, the group reviewed advice from CEOs such as Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, Michael R Bloomberg of Bloomberg LP and Lloyd C. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, who shared for startup and young businesses:

-Find ways to “delight” your customer

-There’s no substitute for hard work

-Don’t be discouraged if the business you end up with is not the one you had started to pursue

-Be in your business but also think ABOUT your business

-Be able to communicate in a single sentence what your purpose is

-Stay focused and level-headed no matter how things are going

-Clarify why your business is different and adds value