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In the recent fall SAEA conference, Mech. Eng. Jandali shared his experience with becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Eng. Jandali shared that, at first, he found the steps to reach the license were a lot of hard work and discipline. However, once he had received the licensure, he experienced many great things: his career advanced because he had many new opportunities which required the licensure. He could now officially sign and seal projects for private, public and government clients. He also saw a healthy salary boost.

Beyond the numbers, he felt that his licensure showed discipline and a desire for continuing education and improvement which was personally and professionally enriching. The License also provides ethos and credibility in the workplace.

Some SAEA members inquired with Eng. Jandali whether they should get a license to advance themselves early on in their career, and if it would make a significant difference. Jandali recommended that they first get their career off on a strong foot, and to utilize the licensure as a further way of professional growth after a few years, especially given the commitment to work under a professional engineer for four years prior to obtaining full licensure.