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SAEA Member Eng. Atassi, certified PMP, shares his journey and experience with obtaining PMP Certification.

Initially, he found the process difficult. The test was challenging and the preparation work required serious discipline–he dedicated 3-4 hours per day for at least two months, where he sacrificed time away from work and family to focus on additional learning.

However, Eng Atassi argues that the hard work and discipline were well worth it. He shared that the key difference between certified and uncertified project managers in the engineering field is the discipline it takes to get the certification. This shows the hard work and dedication of the engineer, and a clear verification of the knowledge he or she has obtained.

After becoming PMP certified, Eng Atassi found that many career opportunities opened up to him. He qualified for promotions within his current company given his new qualification, while also noticing that other job opportunities opened up to him. Many job listings requested PMP Certification which he now qualified for.

PMI states that the median salary is $116,000 and PMPs earn 22% more than project managers without certification.