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On February 4th 2023, the Syrian American Engineers Association gathered for their virtual winter conference on Zoom for an afternoon session. The group enjoyed networking, connecting and specialized discussion around professional enrichment for Syrian American Engineers.

SAEA leaders focused on the topic of inflation impacts and recession fears, taking on the topic from various angles related to the engineering field and job markets to provide insights as well as guidance for SAEA members.

Attendees shared their personal experiences about a very important career differences for computers scientists, programmers, developers and IT engineers. Engineers working on product development for companies selling such product (Meta, Roblox, etc.) reported a different experience and outlook when compared to engineers providing IT services internally to companies in other fields such as automotive and construction (GE, Ford, etc.). Product developers felt less at ease in the current economic conditions. This is owing to uncertainty in corporate and consumer sentiment along with limited growth potential given the federal reserves intent on increasing interest rates to quell inflation. With over 30 in attendance, the workshop was the first to have a non-technical theme and received high rating in member survey of the conference.