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Core Values

Engineers of Syrian origin have a significant role and responsibility in any and all plans to rebuildĀ Syria and restore the foundations for its future economic prosperity. Core values are the essentialĀ and enduring principles that guide the Syrian American Engineers Association (SAEA):

Service to Humanity

Employ and implement modern technology, advanced engineering, and promote awareness of quality standards to benefit and improve the lives of all Syrians.


Serve as a trusted and unbiased source of engineers respected for their professionalism to enhance and advance the living standards of all Syrians.

Professional Advancement

Promote engineering education, certification, and construction management as a fundamental activity for engineers, architects, and builders; ensuring the highest quality of planning, engineering, and construction.

Sustainable Development

Promote collaboration and honest exchange among engineering professionals of all disciplines towards true sustainability.

Engineering Focus

SAEA is focused on engineering, technical, and educational goals affirming national unity among all religious, political, and ethnic, components of Syrian society.

Technical Advisory

Guide and support the Syrian governing agencies in making informed decisions and overcoming challenges in the recovery and rebuilding efforts.