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Routine electricity cuts continue to be a part of everyday life for residents in Syrian neighborhoods while some neighborhoods experience a complete cut-off from electricity. SAEA always looks for alternative and sustainable renewable energy sources for residences and businesses. Our goal for this project is to provide residents with a sustainable renewable energy source that is reliable and abundant given electricity supply shortages.

SAEA is investing in a small pilot experimental power plant project in a Damascus suburb. The plant will rely on concentrating solar energy to generate steam and power a small turbine aiming to generate energy from 10kw to 20kw. A widely used and successful practice in large scale projects in developing countries has inspired a SAEA project manager to experiment with an appropriately designed smaller scale pilot to examine the feasibility using local materials and conditions in Syria. Electrical power generation through Stirling type engines make use of concentrated solar radiation as the source of high-temperature heat. From a sustainable electrical power generation point of view, Syria has good concentrations of solar radiation, but applying this in Syrian villages poses some system design challenges. SAEA research will pilot modifications over established lightweight solar concentrators designs and aims to simplify assembly and installation of the solar concentrator platform at rural sites with unskilled support to overcome  mechanical and mechatronic design challenges.

Following the success of this project, SAEA plans to take the model from the project and implement it in other towns as a continued part of the organization’s planning and development efforts.