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    Annual Innovation Award

    SAEA is a Syrian American organization that is committed to encouraging and supporting, as much as possible, the creative, innovative, and resourceful spirit of the Syrian people.
    To this end, SAEA has endeavored to start an annual award for Syrians whose work, innovations, and service make a difference in the lives of other Syrians and beyond.

    Please nominate any Syrian project or individual that you recommend for an award by filling out the form below. the SAEA board of directors will review submittals for judging and final award.

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    [checkbox* Acknowledge "Proposal / Creative idea Submission Form can be submitted online via this Innovation-form by checking the box and pressing the submit button or by sending the form via email: PR@saea-us.org]

    - The priority would be given to technical subjects, however, general subjects can be considered.
    - The award will be chosen from proposals that are submitted to SAEA and examined by the award committee for potential, originality, impact, and effort.
    - The submitted proposal should be neat, organized, and understandable.