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Leadership & Governance

SAEA Governance Charter

Founded in 2012, SAEA is an association organized to be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America. SAEA operates exclusively to engage in the rebuilding, recovery and modernization of Syria with a technical focus and without any political, religious or legislative activities. SAEA consists of general members, a nine-member governing Board of Trustees(BoT)  and a seven-member operating Board of Directors (BoD).

SAEA Board of Directors (BoD)

SAEA’s Board of Directors is a distinguished group of leaders whose technical focus and strategic guidance steer the organization. SAEA is highly technical and non-ideological organization and that fact is reflected in the professional make-up of the board.

The commitment of SAEA board members is not only evident in the time they contribute as volunteers, but by the fact that they are proud of their Syrian heritage as much as they are proud of their active lives, careers, and achievements as American citizens.

SAEA Board of Trustees (BoT)

The Board of Trustees provides the leadership and means for SAEA members to nominate and vet individuals from the membership that will serve on the Board of Directors to oversee the function of the organization, ensure that the core values, mission and strategic objectives of the organization are reflected in operating plans. 






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