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In SAEA’s fall conference, members reviewed Boston Dynamics’ studies of the most advanced humanoid, industrial and service robots that are changing the future using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These humanoid robots will deeply impact construction and engineering fields using innovative automation to support, compliment, or reinforce human work-force.

One key example is Spot, a robot dog designed for industrial uses such as, according to Boston Dynamics, “carrying goods throughout a warehouse and inspecting a remote site with an unfavorable environment for human operators. It can run at 5.2 feet per second, has 360-degree cameras, and can operate in temperatures ranging from 4 to 113 Fahrenheit. With its API and flexible payload interface, the robot can be easily customized for desired tasks. Spot is also manufactured by BostonDynamics and is now being leased to eligible companies.”

These innovative, forward-thinking engineering solutions will alter the future of the industry and SAEA members are eager to continue discussing professional advancement opportunities in this area, as well as opportunities for future generations.