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A significant part of the SAEA 2017 Fall Conference was dedicated to an open and constructive discussion among members reflecting on 5 years of work. They identified obstacles for growth and how they can be overcome. How can a volunteer-based organization assign responsibility and accountability, maintain member engagement and prevent burnout? Much of the conversation was structured around tackling the different parts of this sensitive, critical question.

Two key challenges identified by members were strengthening consistent member engagement and improving communication among members. Very recently, SAEA hired a PR and Membership Coordinator with the objective of not only improving the organization’s public relations, but to create more effective communication within the organization itself.

SAEA aspires to make progress in the areas of member involvement and communication through the engagement of the PR Coordinator with members through avenues like regular newsletters with detailed job postings, that will ultimately facilitate more organized, structured and deliberate communication among the members.

The organization’s 5-year milestone created an opportunity for reflection, honesty and renewed commitment to the organization’s growth and mission.

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