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Members organized under SAEA will generate a positive impact and reflection on the engineering community and make a difference in developing Syrian cities, systems, and infrastructure to advance Syria into a productive and proud member of the community of nations.



Support and improve the Syrian American Engineers’ abilities and skills through continuing educational and professional development to prosper, advance their knowledge and increase their value to their family, community, and profession.


    1) Organize and promote Syrian American engineers, architects and technical professionals in North America.

    2) Develop SAEA into a qualified professional entity capable of providing technical expertise, education and training in support of its members and programs for Syria’s development.

    3) Coordinate and cooperate with local and global entities working towards Syria’s advancement and modernization

    4) Solicit funding enabling SAEA to operate and support Syria’s infrastructure development projects and programs.

    5) Develop strategic initiatives according to SAEA’s mission and in line with its members interests.