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1. SAEA Teams up with SPARK

 SAEA has joined forces with SPARK to provide training for Syrian Engineers in Ghazientap, Turkey. This technical training will be provided by SAEA members with expertise in technical and engineering disciplines.

“Founded in 1993, SPARK is an independent international development organization with about 80 staff members in offices in South-east Europe, Middle-East and Africa.  SPARK focuses on youth, between 18-35 years, equipping them with knowledge, tools and motivation that allow them to play a unique role in leading their post-conflict societies into prosperity.”www.spark-online.org

2. SAEA joins ARCS as a Founding Member

SAEA joins the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS) as a founding member. This move was taken in the best interest of the long-term plan to support rebuilding and recovery efforts in Syria. By joining with 15 other Non Government Organizations dedicated to the greater good for every Syrian, SAEA hopes that through this coalition, our efforts may be amplified and coordinated through a larger community.


3. SAEA Clean Water For Every Syrian Project

SAEA has selected “Clean Water for Every Syrian as a strategic initiative to pool funds and expertise towards the essence of life. SAEA provided solar-powered water purification units, water network repairs, drilled wells and many other projects to deliver clean water to areas throughout Syria. This will provide much needed humanitarian relief to areas often plagued with contaminated water only to use during the ongoing conflict.