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The tragic destruction to Syrian buildings and infrastructure can only be compared in magnitude to that of the first and second world wars.  The rebuilding efforts will require massive reconstruction plan with all types of projects and technical disciplines.  Mega reconstruction projects will be needed and successful project management is critical to the successful outcome of such projects.

SAEA Planning & Development Department receives project ideas, proposals and requests from many sources. For each proposal, our experts examine and develop a feasibility study proposing a thorough and complete design. The plans are then submitted to the board of directors for approval. Once approved, the work proceeds with detailed specs and implementation steps while working on securing the resources necessary for successful completion.

To submit a project proposal please complete a Project Proposal Form by clicking here or Contact SAEA Engineering Department via Engineering@saea-us.org

How Do We Select a Project?

Choosing the right project means is essential to preserve the valuable technical skills of SAEA members and efficient utilization of SAEA resources. The selection process is an optimization process that takes into consideration the existing needs, SAEA core values, and available resources.

Starting with a needs analysis, the most critical and basic need, saving lives receives the highest priority. There are many organizations working to supply food and emergency medical assistance, therefore SAEA finds opportunities by providing basic infrastructure facilities such as temporary shelters and housing, clean water sources, energy, sewer and waste disposal.

Beyond basic needs, war ravaged Syrian cities and their citizens require master plans for permanent residence, clean water, energy, communication, educational and training facilities, medical facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, transportation facilities, and religious and social facilities.

Strategically integrated projects will be given preference among potential submittals. Integration aims to meeting key demand, while simultaneously generating a revenue stream, training people, building expertise, and inviting sustainable and independent economic growth potential. Such projects aid and support the long term progress and modernization of Syria.

Renewable energy is an excellent example of such a project. Locally, we can train people in assembling, operating and maintenance of equipment. At a higher level, local leaders plan and install power generation facilities with a sustainable growth oriented economic model and meet the needs of the country for the long term. This can be done in cooperation with research center initiatives to develop core of expertise, conduct research and development of the technology, to achieve leadership in this area. This allows replicating successful models throughout Syria and even be exported as a service to neighboring and regional partners.

Rebuilding and reconstruction for war-ravaged Syrian buildings and infrastructure is another area of high priority projects.  Most basically, we encourage technologies that encourage making building materials from local resources, employing local labor, and having long term potential.  Also, we seek to integrate energy efficiency, recycled content, renewal sources and environmental design into buildings and structures as well a supporting research in green and durable materials.

Our view of rebuilding is creative and innovative. Urban agriculture, for example, supports the needs of the population and gives residents green spaces and provides employment opportunities. Similar to successful models in the US and elsewhere, master planned communities for Syria will create synergy between learning institutions and industries to promote interaction, cooperation, innovation and gainful employment.

SAEA P&D department will seek strategic partners that complement our efforts and expertise that would enable our projects to have the desired impact and benefits.

To submit a project proposal please Contact SAEA Engineering Department via Engineering@saea-us.org