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In recent fall conference, licensed mechanical engineer Jandali presented the reasons he recommends SAEA members pursue licensure in engineering to become a Professional Engineer (PE).

So, what makes a licensed engineer different than a regular one?

  • -PEs may prepare, sign and seal, and submit engineering plans and drawing to a public authority for approval, or for public and private clients
  • -PEs are responsible for their work and hold themselves to high ethical standards of practice
  • -Licensure is legally required for those who are in responsible charge of work, be they principals or employees
  • -Licensure for engineers in government is becoming increasingly prevalent–PE license is a requirement of many jobs
  • -Licensure is often required to teach engineering

Jandali recommends licensure to Syrian American engineers for the following reasons:

  • Provides career advancement opportunities: new positions open up at the current employer and other employers/types of employers
  • Salary boost: the additional certification allows for promotion and salary increase opportunities in your current place of work
  • Discipline: to study and pass the exams requires significant discipline and hard work. It is a testimony to oneself and to their employer or potential employer that they have a high level of work ethic and dedication.
  • Continuous Improvement: the drive to take and pass the test shows a desire for continuing education and improvement, which is a positive quality to continue advancing in one’s profession and life
  • Provide ethos and credibility: clients you work with know that you have obtained the license and trust you more

SAEA is considering options to become accredited in order to provide continuing education credits via its conferences for professional engineers beyond SAEA members.