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In recent years, there has been an emergence of mobile classrooms in which a school bus or other mobile vehicles with ample space has been built out into a classroom where students can learn. The shortage of schools, teachers, and access to education of displaced students of all ages caused by the Syrian crisis.

Through SAEA’s work with the Qaeem organization, they’ve helped bring to life the Qaeem mobile, a mobile classroom in Syria. Technical consultation with SAEA mehcanical, electrical, and automotive engineers resulted in best practices for renovating and repairing old school buses. And with the help of SAEA architects and interior design professional a school environment was born in a old school bus. Schooling is a difficult question for internally displaced people in Syria with children, and even those who are not displaced may not have the same access to schooling as they did before.

This technology, borrowed from the US and brought to Syria, will allow Syrian teachers to travel to IDP camps and provide education for all children. This type of technology transfer is one of the most important roles of the Syrian-American engineers organized under the SAEA charter. Readers of this article that would like to consider other American technology transfer to benefit Syrian citizens are encouraged to engage SAEA and email ideas to: PR@SAEA-US.org