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In the recent Fall conference, Mech. Eng. Alnajjar and Civil Eng. Dr. Nahlawi moderated a rich presentation and discussion surrounding robotics in advanced building construction. With many construction professionals present in the SAEA membership, the conversation surrounding robotics solutions was lively.

One such topic was the ability to build faster and more efficiently with robots than utilizing human labor to complete repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

SAEA members reviewed a house built by a robot called Hydrian X in which bricks were laid ten times faster than they would be by a human. This robot built a home in less than four days, and is extremely accurate, showing the potential to advance the construction industry completely and begin integration with 3D printing with construction materials such as grouts, mortar and even concrete.

The result is almost zero-waste and an extremely efficient build. Humans, of course, still came in as experts to complete the rest of the specialized work, but the time-saving work of the robot allowed for a lower-cost build all together.

SAEA members engaged in discussion around what this solution means for the labor force, while others compared the solution to 3D printed homes, while others focused on the incredible advancement for the construction industry, and the potential for more affordable housing solutions.