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SAEA was consulted regarding equipment commonly used in None Destructive Testing & Evaluation (NDTE) in forensic engineering. For earthquake damage assessment NDTE equipment are very useful in the preliminary visual condition assessment and forensic evaluation of concrete structures subjected to damage. The summary provided below is a list of the most relevant equipment to evaluate earthquake damage in reinforced concrete and masonry buildings and structures. SAEA has a complete report with detailed information about the use, advantages, and limitations of each piece of equipment in the recommended list. The SAEA report also outlines other advanced equipment for more sophisticated forensic engineering and testing methods if required. Please email PR@SAEA-US.org to request the report.

  • Detect the reinforcing steel location and depth:

—Cover meter


  • Concrete compressive strength structural element

—Rebound Hammer (Schmidt)

—Probe & Pin Penetration Resistance Equipment

  • Concrete tensile strength structural element

—In-place pull off test

  • Concrete Voids & Cracks

—Impact Echo

—Pulse velocity & sonic pulse velocity

—Ultrasonic pulse echo