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The board of the Syrian American Engineers Association has recently engaged in deeper conversations with selected members with experience in renewable and clean energy options as the country of Sweden is announced to remain Europe’s largest net power exporter.

In a recent article in Power Engineering International, they commented on the fact that Sweden’s more diversified fuel mix ensured it retained its position as Europe’s largest exporter. With total net exports accounting for 17TWh, most of the power is exported to neighboring Finland and Denmark.

Throughout the whole of 2022, Britain was in a net export position on average, with a net export of 4.1TWh of power leaving GB for continental Europe and Ireland. France had the largest net volume of imports from GB.

Temperatures and gas stocks remain high and renewable generation, mostly solar has been increasing. This is a good indication of support for the potential for solar power farming in Syria. Currently, options for PV cells from neighboring Turkey and Jordan are being evaluated to create stronger adoption of renewables by the public and private sectors.