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Syria’s housing and infrastructure have been devastated in the natural and man-made disasters of recent years. There is a significant need for resources and technical knowledge in rehabilitating housing in effective and economic ways to repatriate as many families as possible. This assures the minimum level of dignity and protection for Syrian citizens affected negatively by the crisis.

SAEA members are providing architectural and structural engineering consultancy and technical support for rehabilitation and retrofitting of apartment buildings partially damaged or abandoned. Project teams evaluate and recommend the most economical, best and most sustainable solutions for rehabilitating and retrofitting units given the basic carpentry available as well as limited finishes and appliances. The use of creative architectural techniques to regain the building envelope and enclosure without requiring heavy equipment and materials appears to work and provide a reasonable solution in a number of buildings supervised by SAEA project managers.

SAEA’s work has directly impacted the rehabilitation of 48 units for 370+ beneficiaries with an aim for continued support for 25 additional units in the coming weeks. This will set a prototype to demonstrate creative techniques that will be adopted by local builders and contractors in hundreds of comparable buildings that are available for repatriating the displaced.