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Building on previous success with the prototype of prefabricated mobile WASH Units, sanitary clusters installed in refugee camps, SAEA continues adding additional units. In recent months, SAEA has placed 30 sanitary clusters in 6 camps benefitting 2200+ people using the standard design with typical details geared towards easy assembly and reassembly after relocation. They are currently working toward an additional 7 units for 300 beneficiaries.

The continued success of the standard prefabricated design has gained traction and popularity in the region. It is now widely accepted and readily adopted as the standard solution for IDP and refugee camps by many organizations and local workshops regularly producing this design standard. Especially appealing is the mass prefabrication of standard shapes to allow for easy exchange and expansion from 1 to 2 to 4 unit clusters with little or no effort. This allowed flexibility in serving camps and population centers to better cater to the female segment and male segments separately owing to traditional and cultural norms known to Syrians.