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SAEA’s recent spring annual membership conference focused on strategic planning for the future of the organization.

A primary conclusion of the SWOT analysis and strategic planning group session was the desire for the group to remain focused on engineering, consulting and technical support services for organizations working on the relief and development efforts in Syria. The primary SAEA objective is to offer and utilize the advanced skill set of the technical group in the most advantageous ways possible without any religious, political, or ethnic biases. This ensures SAEA and its members are available to assist all Syrians without exception.

This will occur through two components, direct and indirect:

  • Direct support will include charitable and humanitarian relief organizations requiring technical support for short-term assistance as needed. Some areas include displaced and refugee camps, local governing councils, relief agencies, and neighboring border countries.
  • Indirect support will include consulting and support for the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS) and its members by consulting to NGOs, US Federal Agencies, UN, and non-US actors.

As a small and focused association, SAEA is organized to be entirely technical in its approach and activities without direct engagement in humanitarian relief.