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One of SAEA’s five primary focus areas is shelter and housing for IDPs and refugees in Syria, and they have recently engaged in work surrounding the pervasive, persistent and insidious flooding problems affecting IDP camps.

Syrian IDP campsites tend to concentrate in low-lying areas near river banks where the land is not suitable for agriculture or residential building. They are therefore prone to flooding which has been a consistent problem for these sites. With recent grant funding received SAEA set out to develop flooding hazard maps for Syrian IDP camps indicating risks to inhabitants along with a comprehensive assessment of prevailing conditions pertaining to housing and basic living needs and conditions using proprietary SAEA software.

The goals of the project are:

  • Collect and organize all the relevant IDP camp data available from reliable sources
  • Organize a technical engineering team to update, verify and validate all the collected data and add new information where missing using technical tools developed by SAEA.
  • Develop a comprehensive IDP camp database indicating flood hazard and conditions pertaining to water, sanitation, hygiene, energy, education, and labor force.
  • Create a flood hazard map for use in condition assessment and risk mitigation planning. The flood hazard map will be rich with camp information and contain with interactive features to answer queries and provide photos and videos collected from the site.

The project results and deliverables are:

  • SAEA will develop based on the field survey, database, and flood hazard map a complete condition assessment report outlining and detailing the risk to the over 800,000 IDPs inhabiting camps.
  • SAEA will develop a detailed risk mitigation plan and an emergency response plan in conjunction with staged action plan for required corrections including any relocation and repatriation recommendations