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SAEA, a technical and professional non-profit is seeking a part time employee to assist the board of directors as “Membership, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator” for 5-10 hours weekly starting immediately.

SAEA does not have an office as members live across the country and interact mostly digitally. For this reason, work can be remote except for occasional conferences. It is not mandatory but preferable that the candidate is somewhere near Chicago, Detroit or Washington DC where the few on site meetings occur. Candidate must be available for minimum of one year given the extensive training required. Fluency in Arabic and having visited Syria at least once is highly preferable.

Salary is $12-18 based on experience and credentials.

Candidates should have a bachelors degree in a relevant field to support the following tasks associated with the position:

 Edit and improve website content and design

 Increase social media presence and participation

 Communicate achievements to current and prospective members

 Maintain and distribute board and member meeting minutes

 Manage membership renewal and collection of dues

 Represent association in meetings and business development affairs

 Develop a newsletter and content for blogs

 Interview project managers to develop project archives

 Respond to general email inquiries

 Advocate in relief and humanitarian circles

To apply, please send a resume to info@saea-us.org