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The devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey has been followed by two recent seismic events worlds apart of a magnitude 6.7 in Ecuador also affecting Northern Peru. A few days later a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattled much of Pakistan and Afghanistan on March 22, 2023, sending panicked residents fleeing from homes and offices and frightening people even in remote villages. At least nine people died

The US Geological Survey reported Ecuador’s earthquake in the coastal Guayas region. The tremor was centered approximately 50 miles south of the country’s second-biggest city, Guayaquil, which anchors a metro area of more than three million people. Tsunami fears however did not materialize. In Peru, the shaking was felt from its northern border with Ecuador.

Roofs collapsing in various parts of northwestern Pakistan resulted in dozens of deaths and others injuries after the quake, which was centered in Afghanistan and also felt in bordering Tajikistan. The earthquake triggered landslides in some of the mountainous areas, disrupting traffic and adding to the concerns of terrified people leaving their homes in search of safety.

SAEA earthquake response task force members lamented the sequence of events and compared the effects and consequences with the devastation caused by the earthquake in Syria.