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In today’s 10th anniversary celebration, SAEA members and friends have the honor of hearing Dr. Mohamad Qatu, Dean of the Eastern Michigan University Engineering Department, discuss the future of engineering and education.

With 26 years in the industry after completing his Ph.D., Dr. Qatu shared his sophisticated view about the following ways he sees engineering technology changing the world as we know it:

-Autonomous systems such as AI, Machine Vision, Electrification and Computerization

-Smart Cities and Transportation including Unmanned areal systems, connected environments, efficient transportation and smart homes/appliances

-Information and Communication such as smart devices, big data, quantum computing and cybersecurity

-Biomedical and Health Technology such as robotic surgery and health assessment technology

-Alternative and Sustainable Energy solutions such as solar, wind, geothermal, and alternative fuels

-Advanced Manufacturing including industrial robots, virtual prototyping and 3D printing

-Virtual and Augmented Reality such as metaverse, gaming and E-Sports

SAEA membership is grateful for Dr. Qatu’s unique insight into the future of technology in engineering. We thank him for his patience and lengthy Q&A period where he answered and discussed numerous questions and other topics. He addressed current admission and acceptance standards in engineering colleges along with his views regarding tuition fees and available grants and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate programs.