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In his keynote address, at SAEA tenth-anniversary celebration, regarding the future of Engineering and Education, Dr. Mohamad Qatu reported the top ten college majors with the best starting salaries with commentary on how engineering fits into the picture. The top fastest growing fields are:

-Cybersecurity, Computer/Data Science

-Alternative and Sustainable Energy

-Health Professions


In relation to this, the college majors with the top starting salaries are:

Chemical Engineering: $75,301

Computer Engineering: $75,022

Electrical Engineering: $72,540

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering: $71,350

Materials Engineering: $70,958

Industrial Engineering: $68,682

Mechanical Engineering: $68,621

Biomedical Engineering: $67,800

Physics: $67,541

Applied Mathematics: $67,112

One can clearly see the correlation and importance of engineering as a leading field for the future. The high starting salaries indicate the need for top talent in these quickly growing areas. SAEA members attending this conference were very enthusiastic to hear about these statistics as they work to continue providing education, training, and professional development programs to their engineering members, students, and affiliates.