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In SAEA Summer conference, members discussed the power and importance of renewable energy, led by renewable energy expert, Dr. Nabeel Tarabishy. After a debate about renewable energy in the US, in Syria, and globally, attendees discussed some of the potential difficulties of utilizing renewable energy sources, particularly in a place like Syria with less accessible technologies and ongoing conflict limiting potential capital investments.

In a deep energy crisis due to political and regional conflicts, Syria must turn to alternate energy sources. According to Reuters, “The power crisis has been further compounded by a wider economic collapse triggered by the conflict, Western sanctions, a currency meltdown and the government’s loss of its northeastern oil-producing territories.”

Wind as a renewable energy source proves difficult as it is limited and variable based on geography throughout the region. Solar, while a good solution, includes losses in atmosphere and conversion efficiency.

Some potential solutions discussed by the membership are as follows:

-Quick response combined cycle gas turbine power plants

-Integration across different areas and time zones

-Storage: batteries, compressed air, pumped storage hydro, gravity battery, H2.