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SAEA member Engineer Atassi presented the following reasons regarding why engineers should aim to obtain PMP Certification, The Project Management Institute’s most popular and widely recognized certification in project management:

-Earn higher pay and compensation: based on a global study, PMPs earn 22% more than those without

-Increase Job Opportunities: PMP certification may qualify you for promotions and career growth, and may even be a requirement in job listings, meaning the certification opens up additional opportunities

-Expand Professional Network: meet other PMP certified professionals and connect

-Verify Skills and Knowledge: PMP certification shows a clear verification of the skills you possess. This prestigious logo next to your signature is a clear indication that you are qualified.

Overall, Engineer Atassi recommends PMP certification for those who wish to progress in the field, as there is the necessity for quality execution and measurable results in all engineering projects, making PMPs desirable.