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At the end of a three-day UN conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlighted the extreme importance of water action, and recommended that it be “at the center of the global political agenda.” With 3.6 billion lacking access to safely managed sanitation services, many are hoping to place urgency on this matter.

Chemical engineers and Chemists like Salam Titinchi are exploring solutions. One such potential technological solution is carbon nanomaterials which have been shown to remove organic, inorganic and biological pollutants from water.

SAEA members responded to this recent UN conference, reflecting on their work with technical support for WASH sanitation units in IDP and refugee camps in Syria. Access to clean water and appropriate sanitation has lacked significantly for this segment of the Syrian population. SAEA members are eager to support access to clean water for all with powerful engineering technology as a key part of the way forward.  A standard design of prefabricated bathroom/shower units is available though SAEA engineering department. The standard design package is equipped with a water storage tank and plumbed sanitary pit for proper disposal.

To request SAEA engineering drawings with MEP details for standard WASH units, please email PR@SAEA-US.org