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Wind and solar energy could reach a record 12% of global electricity generation in 2023, up from 10% last year, climate think tank Ember has found. Syria’s neighbor to the north, Turkey, has tripled its share of wind and solar power generation between 2015 and 2021 placing it in 5th place among G20 countries at 13.6% share for clean energy.

Several Syrian and Turkish engineers have cooperated to advance this form of power generation and is making this technology and experience available to Syrian cities and municipalities for deployment. This can also reduce reliance on more complicated process of generating power using fossil fuels which continues to struggle to meet population demands due to logistical and supply issues Syria and even neighboring Lebanon are facing.

Climate change concerns globally have placed significant pressure on reducing carbon emissions resulting in the record low carbon intensity of global electricity generation. All the clean electricity sources renewables and nuclear reached 39% of global electricity. Solar generation is the fasted growing and rose by 24% while wind generation grew by 17%.

The Ember data suggests that solar power potential in southern Turkey is key to achieving steady renewable electricity growth. The same conclusion can be drawn for much of northern Syria as well for significant potential gains in clean power and lowering reliance on fossil fuel.

Much more data and insights are available on Ember website: https://ember-climate.org/